Robotic Process Automation

Automation of labour-intensive, repetitive tasks across systems and data sources

Win With Automation

Increase productivity, efficiency and compliance so employees can focus on higher-value work by automating routine, repetitive tasks.

Smarter robots

With embedded AI and cognitive capture, robots extend workforce capacity, applying cognitive services to think, act upon and interpret data.

Always working

Robots can work 24*7 – no holidays, time off etc.  Additionally, they can scale in an unlimited fashion, so as your business volumes grow, the robot takes the strain

Always Accurate

The robots follow the process you want to occur, without error or omission, so the quality of your process is guaranteed

How RPA Can Help

Copy Data between Systems

Many organisations have multiple systems, and information is copied from system to system by a user keying it.  We call this Swivel Chair!

The Robot can perform this activity incredibly quickly and with 100% accurate

Process Excel Spreadsheets

Robots can access and integrate with Excel, making sure that critical data is always there, working through a list of cases to perform required actions etc

Gather Information

Robots can access information from anywhere both inside your organisation and outside.  Want to know what your competitors are doing? – let a robot check for you each day and alert you of changes

Automate Manual Tasks

Robots are great at performing little but annoying tasks.  For example updating the sales tracker with each days sales results

The Right Partner

Whether you want to do the work in-house or outsource, or a combination of both, it’s important to choose the right partner. PAG have expert resources and proven experience in setting up RPA Centres of Excellence and RPA cloud managed services.

In-house capability

If you want to build an in-house capability, we have proven and audited governance and learning frameworks to get your team up and running and keep it that way.

Piece of mind

As an alternative we offer a complete managed service for robotic automations, where we take care of everything for you.

Benefits of RPA

Maximises workforce capacity and efficiency

Deploy RPA to automate an entire workflow—or just a part. Workforce analytics monitors and optimizes digital worker health, discovers trends, ensures compliance and detects real time problems.

Eliminates errors and improves outcomes

Reduce error-prone, manual data entry and document processing. RPA accesses and acts on information using AI to accelerate outcomes.

Hyperautomates digital workflows

Identify task automation opportunities and rapidly develop and deploy RPA. Avoid time-consuming and costly coding.

Improves technology investments

Run RPA with existing technology like business process management (BPM) and case management. Use robots within broader business processes to eliminate manual steps.

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