Work Management

Get the most out of your operational teams with Omniflow®

Traditional Work Management

In an increasingly complex world, it’s really difficult to know which tasks need to be performed, who is the best person to perform them, how much work there actually is, and if you are on track or behind.

Supervisors often spend a significant portion of their time allocating and re-allocating work based on mailboxes and spreadsheets that they maintain manually.

Omniflow® Work Management

Omniflow® Work Management solves these problems of traditional work management.

  • Incoming work is captured automatically
  • Rules and AI help to decide who to allocate the work to
  • Real-time visibility of how much work there is, and if you are on track
  • Real-time visibility of performance (by process, team or individual)
  • The background metrics, captured automatically will identify areas where you can improve productivity

Gain Control of Your Workload

Omniflow can be configured to automatically monitor emails, folders, systems of record or other data sources for new work or updates to existing work.

When a new item of work is received, it is automatically assigned to the correct team or person.

When an update is received, it is automatically associated with the existing work, and the correct team or person is notified that there has been an update.

The benefit is that there is no time wasted checking for new work or updates for existing work.

Complete & Real-Time Visibility

Omniflow® tracks all of the work and how it is being performed automatically and presents this information to you with Analytical Dashboards.

Drill down from an organisation level, by process, by team or down to an individual.

Omniflow® Benefits

20% Reduction in Touch Time

Significant reduction in touch times, because team members are only given work when it is actionable. No more time wasted checking if work has arrived or external work has been completed.

25% Reduction in Elapsed Time

Omniflow® tracks expected activites, and by ensuring these are completed at the right time by the right person in the right order, the end-to-end elapsed time is significantly reduced.

80% Reduction in Staff Idle Time

Everyone needs a break, but do you know how much time is being lost in little breaks, between tasks, or otherwise? Omniflow® tracks this, and the benefit you will achieve is unbelievable. This is particularly relevent if you have remote teams or workers.

25% Increase in Volume of Work Handled

Because your teams have less idle time, and when they are working, they make more progress, you will be able to handle at least 25% more workload with the same team.

Better Staff Engagement

Process Intelligence doesn’t only inform Management. Your team will become more aware of how they are performing both individually and compared to their peers. This leads to more empirical performance reviews and better engagement.


Real-time information all day every day, across your whole administration.

No more waiting for manual whiteboard updates, or retrospective reports. Observe issues as they occur and take action immediately, avoiding re-work, backlogs and remediation.

Read about how P&N Bank achieved all these benefits with Omniflow®

Currently, P&N is orchestrating some 90 different processes with Omniflow®, including information-intensive activities such as loan applications and account management. The new system provides teams with unprecedented visibility and control of workload, and has delivered significant efficiency gains and service level improvements.

After we introduced Omniflow®, our productivity improved by over 20 percent, so our staff now get through more work in less time… We are now in complete control of what’s happening across the back office, and that’s allowed us to hit our service-level agreements [SLAs] consistently… Most importantly, these improvements behind the scenes translate into better service to our customers—we can turn around customer requests and enquiries much more quickly, making their interactions with us fast and friction-free.

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